Lab Connect distributes important patient insurance and demographic data from a physician ’s Medisoft or Lytec practice management system to a standalone reference laboratory lab order entry system in the medical practice office. It’s designed to automatically provide convenient and complete information to ensure accurate lab test ordering.

  • Provides a Competitive Edge
    Ensures efficient lab order submissions through the reference laboratory system and provides a competitive advantage to laboratories that offer this convenient service.
  • Increases Lab Test Volumes in Each Medical Office
    Lab Connect eliminates the need to re-enter patient and insurance information, saving time and ensuring order accuracy. This convenience has been proven to increase medical office loyalty and preference to labs that provide this level of service and typically results in increased lab test volumes.
  • Delivers Lower Operational Costs
    Lab Connect reduces the need for costly, time-consuming laboratory calls to the physician’s office in order to secure correct phone numbers, payers, patient names, etc. Lab orders will be complete and accurate since the labor ordering software is using current patient demographic and insurance information directly from your Medisoft or Lytec practice management system.

Medical Practice Benefits

For the thousands of medical offices that use Medisoft or Lytec practice management software, Lab Connect provides:

  • Improved Physician Satisfaction
    Medical office staff is no longer required to re-enter data into the practice management system then again in the lab system – for an immediate savings in time and costs.
  • Saves Time
    Physician office staff is likely to receive fewer follow-up phone calls from the laboratory, since billing and patient information will be up-to-date since it came directly from the practice management system.
  • An End-To-End Solution
    Lab Connect customers and independent reference laboratories can be assured that the Lab Connect application will perform with continued compatibility with new Medisoft and Lytec practice management system releases.