1st For Physicians Support

On-Site Training

Receive on-site instruction in the effective use of your computer system and software including: Practice management software, EHR, and other companion products, Windows Operating System, or Microsoft Office Suites.

On-site Training is scheduled in 3 or more hour sessions. Each training session varies accordingly with individual staff and office needs.

Classroom Training

Training in a classroom setting provides a medium for interactive conversation and open discussion with the instructor, your colleagues, and other users. It also allows the student to focus 100% on learning the task at hand, leaving out the everyday distractions of the workplace. This environment provokes all learning styles: visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic.

Quality training results in a total staff understanding of your system and software and in a more effective and productive workplace.

1st For Physicians' skilled trainers are certified in all products and services offered.


Helpful Tip!Helpful Tip!

Dusty ComputerJust as automobiles need regular oil changes and tune ups for maximum efficiency, so do computers!

Most often, computers sit on the floor and simply take in dust day after day.

Did you know that a once a quarter dusting to your computer can prevent hard disk failure, mother board failure or other internal component failures?

Dust is a problem from the standpoint of blocking fan vents and possibly insulating parts causing over heating. When your PC runs hot, it slows down and if not cleaned, can eventually cause damage!

That's right, just by simply opening your computer case and dusting your PC can add years to the life and performance of your pc. You can dust your PC by using canned air, an air compressor or even a 2" -3" paint brush (remember, no hands touching any of the electronics in there!) to dust out your system.

Something as simple as dusting your PC can help prevent your PC from running slow as well as prevent a PC crash!