Save time and money. You upload and approve - BillFlash will print and mail.

Eliminate printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, metering and troubleshooting. Obtain professional designs, quality processing, advanced features and online controls.

Advanced Control Features

Online Documentation Management Tools -

  • eApprove - Review, approve or reject uploaded files, delete single documents and modify messages.
  • eView - View and print 12 months of mailed documents.

Management Reports - Complete file disposition and mailing details.

Address Change Service - With NCOALink, BillFlash will update changed addresses for correct mailing and provide you with a changed address report (optional service).

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  • Review each uploaded file.
  • Approve or reject each file.
  • Add or modify messages.
  • View 12 months of statements online

Address Change

  • BillFlash will update changed addresses for correct first-time mailing and provide you with a changed address report to update your billing records
  • Optional service provided through USPS NCOALink (fee).

Management Reports

  • Disposition report provides status for each file.
  • Detail report provides patient level detail for each file.


  • Return and remittance addresses
  • Payment summary box
  • Print color
  • Messaging
  • Account summary and aging

BillFlash Services > Get Billers Paid!

BillFlash Price Information

  • No monthly services fee!
  • No minimum monthly fee!
  • Billers can bundle & save by using Payment Services to process all payments.
  • EPay: Visa/MC/Disc: 2.86% plus $.19 transaction fee.  
  • OfficePay: Visa/MC/Disc: 1.37% when card is present and not rewards, 2.86% when card is keyed or rewards if swiped. Both have $.19 transaction fees.
  • Mail rate $0.68/each!
  • eBill rate $0.25/each!
  • Maintenance fee only $17.50 a month!
  • Each additional page: $.15
  • Color: $.01
  • NCOA: $.50
  • eBill: $.25

Big Savings!

  • Provide extensive bill delivery & payment choices.
  • Lower billing costs dramatically.
  • Reduce operational headaches.
  • Broadly strengthen business financials

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